Why Puddlegear?

Real Raingear for Kids who Play!

Puddlegear is located on the West Coast of Canada... Lotus Land... The rain capital of the world... right in the heart of the Gumboot Nation.  (Im not even kidding) Its like shopping local - I am a small owner operator business specializing in rain gear. 

You dont buy tires from the grocery store. 

When you support Puddlegear you are supporting a Mother and three children directly.  I believe in home grown veggies, puddle jumping and making good choices just like you. 

In Puddlegear, toddler and baby raingear - children can play outside feeling warm, unrestricted and dry in their PVC and Phthalate free rainwear.  

Turning puddles and rain into nature's toys. 

When kids play outdoors in their rainwear they lose themselves in their imagination, weather won't matter as long as they are warm and dry. When you need to depend on rain wear Puddlegear will not let you down! 

Puddlegear rainwear is made out of inert Polyurethane.   It is soft and flexible, breathable, wind and water proof, safe with specific designs to keep your kids safe on the playground and in nature, very durable, flexible in all 4 seasons, and best of all it absolutely adorable and very cool!

Puddlegear raingear is fantastic.

Important facts

  • Puddlegear raingear is Designed by Puddlegear 
  • PVC and Phthalate Free
  • Wind and WaterProof
  • Free of Branding Clutter
  • Waterproof to 8000mm
  • Bright Bold Colours
  • Mum Run Business