About Puddlegear.com

Thanks for stopping by the Puddlegear About page-

I always like to know who I am supporting- so I am glad you have stopped by.  It means you are a conscious shopper too.  

I am Alexandra (Alex) mother to three deliciously active kids who have grown up in Puddlegear.  

My boys are teens now but I have sailed with my children since my big guys were 3 and 1.  I liked the gear we bought so much I started Puddlegear!  Wet kids on a sailboat are uncomfortable kids... I found by answer.  In Europe they have many many forest preschools and early ED programs that get kids outside to play.  Puddlegear was designed by me with my experience as a European raingear distributor.  

We continue to be sailors, hikers, and skiers.  Living on the West Coast of Canada our winters are wet our springs are wet and our falls are wet.  Yes we get a lot of rain.  Its very green!  We don't let rain stop us in our activities- we just suit up.  There is no bad weather when you are in proper raingear.  As an independent Mum I have always believed that kids should have one good set of rain gear and one good set of snow gear. I believe in buying it once and wearing it for as long as you can... until its your little sisters turn!  First Distributing for Abeko since 2008 and now as Puddlegear Brand Raingear... this gear fills our need for raingear!  and it can fill yours too!

Its all about fun... and playing... and experiencing our area.  Being out in the only real thing... nature.  Bugs, Dragonflys, puddles,  just experiencing.  I can honestly say that my kids and I have travelled this coast.  Never Hawaii or Mexico... but we have been to some remote little places along this BC Coast!  and Puddlegear has been there on every journey short or long!