Waterproof Double knee bib Rainpants

Puddlegear Kids Rain Pants in Red (bib, overall, shell style)


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These red-colour kids rain pants are made with extra knee material, for heavy-duty rain gear that plays all day long! They're waterproof, windproof and can be used as snow pants too! Perfect for boys, girls, and even toddlers.

Combined with our matching waterproof raincoat, hat and waterproof mittens, they make for a cute and stylish kids rain suit too!

I've learned a lot in my years of selling kids splash pants to families that want their children to enjoy their time in the outdoors no matter what the weather. My own kids sail with me and I know a wet kid is an uncomfortable kid. Whether your child is playing in the forest, city park, walking to or from school or out sailing, good kids rain gear is important. There really isn't bad weather when there is durable, waterproof rain clothing!

Puddlegear makes high-quality, protective rain pants for kids and toddlers, to go with our line of kids outdoor clothing wear. 

The changes I've made are double knees in the same colour with a square full knee

The Puddlegear Bib Style Kids Rain Pants in Red feature:

PVC and Phthalate free

Wind and waterproof to 8000mm

Chemically inert because polyurethane is sealed both production and in use unlike

Double knees (square pattern and heat sealed into the seams)

Euro Pops to adjust the side

Reflective strips for visibility

Adjustable straps for those growing kids!

Boot straps that can be used or not

A Perfect match for Puddlegear rain jacket, mittens and a SouWester hat!

Designed by a Mum!


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