Puddlegear Shipping Rates

Yes Puddlegear charges shipping.  We dont do free shipping because if we did your packages would be shipped across the border without a tracking number and insurance... not a good idea we loose a few packages a month.  All are replaced before the insurance claim is made because we are confident in the shipping method we use.  Your package would also take two - three weeks to reach you.  

Canada:  Manitoba West we use Express envelopes.  Manitoba East we use expedited 

USA:  Under $100 value we use tracked packet the ceiling is $100 because of insurance over $100 we use Expedited and insure for the value.  (Jacket and Pants 2 pieces)  (two jacket and two pants 4 pieces)  Expedited takes 7-10 business days... tracked packet is the same.

Elsewhere.... email please