Puddlegear Blog

Puddlegear home base is here on the West Coast of BC. On a point next to the Salish Sea with rocky beaches stretching the full 80 kms we call the Sunshine Coast. It's a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver BC.

As a sailing family we are pretty attached to the Sea and to the shore line! Spring seems to be Whale season. There is a connection between whales and the Sunshine Coast that runs deep. Farther up the Coast there are pictographs of the Whale hunt on cliff walls and abandoned whaling stations. We kayaked past the pictographs last summer.
Recently an Orca washed ashore on a beach up the highway. It had suffered from Blunt force trauma likely being struck by a passing freighter or tanker. The whole community was really shocked and saddened. Someone took it upon themselves to create this lovely memorial on the beach where it washed ashore. A stones reminder of the majestic swimmer who came in from the wild deep ocean to rest.





When I go and visit friends who live on the beach my eye is trained out to sea looking for the black tips of the whales. When I am on the boat my eyes are scanning the horizon in hopes of Orcas, Greys or Humpbacks along side. Its happened. I was spending a sunny day out in the Gulf alone and I could smell them before I saw them. Just a skinny fin preceded by a puff of smelly air. It was 6 greys traveling South East... then down toward Baja CA. It was magic. and Orcas too as I went through a skinny pass in the gulf Islands. 8 Orcas swam toward the boat and at the last moment made a dive under (I hoped they cleared the keel below)
They are there. Swimming and feeding in our Salish Sea. Migrating between The US and Canada knowing no borders. Feeding on Herring, Salmon and the odd seal.
I am so very grateful to live in this place. Next to the Ocean. With access to the Ocean. Where whales live. I am grateful for beach walks whether the weather is favourable or not. Seabirds, loons, and Blue Herons feed where we walk and beachcomb.

Puddlegear is a huge part of our lives here. It takes us out when the sky is filled with great black clouds. It keeps my daughters hands warm while she digs gently in tide pools or collects sticks in the forrest. Our theme has always been buy gear once. Buy the good stuff.... and Get outside and Play.

Go wait for some whales! Id love to hear about your outside meanderings...What do you wait for where you live? Snow Geese? Grasshoppers? Belugas? Humpback migration?
When we teach our kids to love nature they turn around and take good care of it.

Get your Nature on.